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XCMG Museum: Our 80 Years

XCMG Museum: Our 80 Years
XCMG News | Jan 12, 2023
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Throughout XCMG's 80-year history of innovation and struggle, XCMG is currently at the intersection of the past and the future, from which XCMG will start a new journey, burst out new vitality, and achieve further development.

Time can take away our youth, but it cannot take away our steadfast will and sparkling memory. Today, please follow in our footsteps, enter XCMG, a museum that reflects the development history of the construction machinery industry, and learn more about our stories.

1.Initial stage (1943-1988)

As the pioneer and founder of China's construction machinery industry, along with the growth of China, XCMG has grown from scratch, from small to large, from weak to vigorous, with a firm and persistent will, and arduous and steady steps along the way.

l  In the 1940s, Huaxing Iron Works was established as the predecessor of XCMG. It started the struggle of XCMG and the Republic with the same breath and shared destiny.

l  In the 1950s, the three main machine factories where XCMG originated seized the opportunity to gather in Xuzhou, devoted themselves to producing agricultural machinery, industrial machine tools, and basic parts, and strongly supported the construction of national agriculture and basic industrial construction. At the end of the 1950s, the No. 3 Factory began to shift from agricultural machinery to construction machinery production. Initially, it formed the industrial prototype of cranes, road rollers, and loaders, opening a new chapter in developing China's construction machinery. In 1957, the heavy-duty plant trial-produced the first tower crane, which began XCMG's involvement in the construction machinery industry. Since then, XCMG has carried the banner of the development of China's construction machinery industry and made positive contributions to the country's industrialization and national defense construction.

l  In the 1970s and 1980s, XCMG made breakthroughs in truck crane hydraulic transmission technology and special chassis technology, and had the production capacity of 5-50 tons truck cranes and their special chassis. At the same time, 3 series and 16 varieties of static rollers, tires and vibratory rollers have been formed, with an annual production capacity of nearly 1,000 units, and a complete product series and model spectrum have been initially formed.

l  By the end of the 1980s, XCMG's major machines had been exported to more than 20 countries, with a total of more than 1,500 units, creating a historical record for the earliest Chinese construction machinery to go abroad.

2.Enterprise Reform & Exploration(1989-1998)

In 1989, the XCMG Group, a production and operation enterprise entity, was established and expanded to form a successful business model centering on the main engine of construction machinery, uniting and driving the development of peripheral parts and cooperative manufacturers. XCMG focuses on the brand building while developing an export-oriented economy, laying the foundation for the international development of the company and leading Chinese construction machinery companies to go global first.

l  In 1992, XCMG represented Chinese construction machinery enterprises for the first time to participate in the construction machinery exhibition site of Bauma in Germany.

l  On August 28, 1996, the shares of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (XCMG for short) were listed and traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

l  Since the 1990s, XCMG has adjusted related industries such as concrete, road maintenance, and road construction machinery, and improved basic parts industries such as slewing bearings and drive axles, forming a relatively complete industry category. In the late 1990s, XCMG's products covered 14 of the 16 categories of construction machinery.


3. Transformation and upgrading, going international (1999-present)

Facing the serious crisis of industry survival, XCMG proposed a product strategy of high added value, high technology content, high reliability and large tonnage. Afterwards, it focused on promoting the reform of the listed company XCMG Technology (later renamed XCMG Machinery), and opened a new stage of development on the road to an intensive, modernized and internationalized large-scale enterprise group. With the profound changes from the "golden decade" to the "medium-speed era" and then to the "new era of high-quality development", through continuous reform and innovation and industrial structure optimization, XCMG has entered a high-quality, high-efficiency, high-benefit, sustainable new period of strategic development, it took the lead in realizing the goal of 100 billion in China's construction machinery industry, and entered and continued to maintain the top ten in the global construction machinery industry.

l  In the golden decade of China's construction machinery industry, XCMG increased investment in technological transformation and laid a foundation for large-scale production capacity and high quality with first-class workshops, first-class equipment, first-class management methods and a first-class workforce. In 2003, XCMG took the lead in becoming the first group in China's construction machinery industry with both operating revenue and sales revenue exceeding 10 billion.


l  Under the guidance of the "100 billion yuan, internationalization, and world-class" strategy, XCMG accelerated its global layout. In 2012, it acquired two high-end hydraulic component companies, AMAC in the Netherlands and FT in Germany. The picture shows that in 2012, XCMG acquired German Schwinging AG, a global concrete machinery industry leader. The company has turned losses into profits for many years in a row.


l  XCMG has formulated a development plan for global R&D centers. In 2012, Jiangsu Xuzhou Engineering Machinery Research Institute was completed with an investment of 1 billion yuan. Overseas R&D centers have been established in Europe, the United States, and Brazil. XCMG has gradually built a global R&D system. In 2014, XCMG's Brazilian manufacturing base was completed and put into operation. In 2019, it will be the first and the largest construction machinery industrial park built by China in Brazil.

l  In 2022, XCMG Group's operating income will exceed 100 billion yuan for three consecutive years, operating income will increase by 2.07 times, net profit will increase by 15.87 times, and productivity per worker will increase by 2 times. It has completed the overall listing of the construction machinery sector and has established a more market-oriented and legalized the modern enterprise system, has ranked No. 3 in the global construction machinery ranking for two consecutive years.

l  XCMG insists on taking innovation as the "lifeline" of the enterprise, and vigorously promotes technological iteration, transformation and upgrading, industrial digitization and green development. The world's most giant 4,000-ton crawler crane achieved 4 sales; the birth of the "Shenzhou No. 1 Excavator" 700-ton excavator marks that China has become the fourth country with super-large mining machinery R&D and manufacturing capabilities after Germany, Japan, and the United States; The largest rear-drive rigid mine car, the world's largest rotary drilling rig, the world's largest tower crane, the first lithium-ion directional drill, and Asia's tallest aerial ladder fire truck, etc., competed for the first set of more than a hundred items of major equipment. The crane industry ranks first in the world, and pile machinery, concrete machinery, and road construction and maintenance machinery rank among the top three in the world.

l  XCMG unswervingly regards internationalization as its primary strategy and has achieved a triple jump from products going global to personnel going global, and then capital going global. Its products have been exported to 191 countries and regions. Its annual self-operated export has broken the situation of 1 billion US dollars, with a cumulative self-operated export exceeding 50 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 30% of its international revenue.


Now our sails are raised by strong winds and we are about to embark on a new journey. The 80-year development history has gathered the majestic strength of all XCMGers. XCMG, a giant ship carrier with a scale of 100 billion, is riding the wind and waves and moving forward majestically.