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African Mission Visits XCMG

African Mission Visits XCMG
XCMG News | Feb 22, 2023
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On February 20, XCMG welcomed the first batch of foreign delegations of this year, which came from Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger in Africa.

At the XCMG Experience Hall, XCMG President Lu Chuan introduced XCMG's 80 years of innovation and development in detail to the envoys of various countries. Inherited corporate culture, warm social responsibility, generations of hardworking employees, complete set of construction scene simulation demonstration, and visiting envoys in person, have a further profound understanding of XCMG.

Mr. Daouda BITIE, Minister Counsellor said: "This is my first time to come to XCMG. Here I see XCMG's long history, struggling employees and advanced technology. XCMG's equipment can be found everywhere in Africa and plays an important role in the construction of countries. I hope XCMG can continue to support African construction and achieve greater success!"

With the acceleration of China's opening up process, XCMG, as the first group of global construction machinery enterprises, with a history of 80 years, has become an open window to carry the important information and tell the story of China. It also opens the arms of friendship and welcomes the arrival of friends from all over the world.