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Together with XCMG,Draw What You Imagine

Together with XCMG,Draw What You Imagine
XCMG News | May 04, 2023
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In 2023, with a new theme of "Solid to Succeed", XCMG is proud to celebrate a major milestone - our 80th anniversary!

As part of this celebration, we would like to invite all of our friends from around the world to design a logo for XCMG's 80th anniversary campaign. And we're excited to see how you interpret our brand in your designs.

We're looking forward to discovering XCMG through your eyes. We believe that your different impressions of XCMG will help us gain a deeper understanding of our brand and strengthen our connection with our global community.

Thank you for your continued support, and we can't wait to see your designs!



Content Requirements

Participants can focus on XCMG's 80th anniversary and unleash the creativity around the elements of "80" and "XCMG";

l  Each participant can submit multiple entries;

l  Participants are required to attach an English description of 300 words or less to each entry, explaining the design concept;

l  The logo design can be any size, but it should be submitted as a GIF/PNG/JPG file with an image resolution of over 72 dpi;

l  Participation in this competition is deemed to agree to our modification of your works.


l  Finalists can get XCMG product models;

l  Outstanding performers can also participate in the XCMG’s S8 Apprentice Campaign.

Submission Requirements

l  Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn

You can contribute via Messenger, post and tag us (@XCMG group) or comment on this post. Please remember to attach the design concept description in English.

l  Mail

You can send your work and English description to our email: export@xcmg.com to participate in the competition.