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Winning A Greener Future, XCMG Machinery's Renewable Energy Equipment Products Outshine in Major Construction Projects

Winning A Greener Future, XCMG Machinery's Renewable Energy Equipment Products Outshine in Major Construction Projects
XCMG News | Jul 11, 2023
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 XCMG Machinery, the world's top three construction machinery manufacturer, is committed to driving the green transformation of the industry and promoting the application of new energy equipment in construction projects. 

Recently, XCMG's XGC11000A crawler crane successfully completed the hoisting and installation of the world's first 2.7 MW efficient and compact tandem double-wind turbine unit, Huaneng "Sairui," at the Huaneng Tongyu wind farm in Jilin. As a key national R&D project, "Sairui" is a breakthrough in conventional wind power technology that anchors a new development path that significantly expands the scale of wind energy resources that can be developed. 

With sizable investments continually going into the R&D of new energy product development, XCMG is vigorously laying the groundwork for related technologies, including electronic control, battery, and electric drive, and accelerating green and intelligent manufacturing with a focus on industrial transformation and upgrade. 

Last month, XCMG sent off more than 100 units of Kunpeng forklifts to customers overseas from its green and intelligent manufacturing base of forklift. The Kunpeng series electric forklift is developed to meet the diversified needs of global customers, boasting stronger performance, a safety system and an interactive experience, and it includes three models – high-performance dual-drive G model, the enhanced C model, and the standard 5 S model. 

Also in June, XCMG delivered a batch order of the XC968-EV pure electric loader to customers in Southeast Asia, where new energy equipment products are becoming the preferred choice of many customers due to the rising oil prices and push to promote a green economy. The large-tonnage model with robust power and exceptional performance adopts the "triple motor" drive system that achieves zero emissions and low noise at the same time.

XCMG's self-developed electric control system can easily cope with the challenges of various construction conditions; the advanced hydraulic system and intelligent control technology also improve working efficiency and maneuverability precision. The XC968-EV, the electric loader, can operate for six eight hours with one hour of charging, as highlighted alongside XCMG's latest pure electric mixing truck, G4804BIIVE at the 2023 China Concrete Exhibition last month in Nanjing China.

"Looking ahead, we thrive to support our customers to achieve success with digital, green, and intelligent equipment products and integrated solutions, and together building a greener future for all," said Yang Dongsheng, CEO of XCMG