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XCMG WorldWide :XCMG Turkey Introduction

XCMG WorldWide :XCMG Turkey Introduction
XCMG News | Apr 16, 2024
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Turkey holds a crucial position in XCMG's long-term development plans. Highly pleased with the development of the Turkish market, the XCMG Headquarters views Turkey as a gateway to Europe, recognizing its high potential. In recent years, the Turkish market has managed to become one of XCMG's most successful markets, achieving high sales figures. In the coming period, XCMG Turkey aims to capitalize on Turkey's strategic position, which brings together Asia, Europe, and Africa, by turning it into a hub for the European and Middle Eastern regions.

While a general economic downturn persists worldwide, particularly felt in the Eastern European region, it is widely acknowledged that Turkey, despite being located in the European region, continues to experience growth in the construction sector, showing no signs of slowdown. XCMG Turkey closed the year by tripling its sales compared to the previous year and doubling the targets set by the Headquarters. It can be said that a significant portion of the revenue generated in the European region comes from the Turkish market. Given that one-third of the total revenue in the European region is derived from the Turkish market, it is fair to say that XCMG has established a strong presence in Turkey with high customer satisfaction and quality machinery. All machines introduced by XCMG Turkey in 2023 were pre-sold and supplied in advance.

XCMG Turkey embarked on its journey in 2018 in collaboration with Hakan Makina to introduce XCMG excavators and loaders into the Turkish market. Following market research, an agreement was reached with ENKA Pazarlama in 2019 to take on the sales of various XCMG products, including drilling rigs, platforms, rollers, and graders. In early 2022, the HBZ Makina Team was added to the roster of XCMG's dealers in Turkey with the goal of facilitating forklift sales. Subsequently, negotiations with Odabaşı Makine concluded upon the decision to commence the sales of XCMG-Schwing concrete pumps and tower cranes in the Turkish market, thus welcoming them into the XCMG Turkey family as dealers.

The growing sales of XCMG products in the Turkish market have been accompanied by positive feedback from customers and operators alike. Customers highly satisfied with the quality of XCMG construction machinery have also expressed admiration for its high performance. Considering the value proposition offered in terms of price and benefits, XCMG construction machinery consistently outperforms its competitors, further solidifying XCMG's market share in the global arena. As known, XCMG boasts more than 5,000 service engineers and 1,500 specialized service vehicles scattered across various countries. Within the XCMG Turkey team, expert engineers dispatched from the Headquarters in China are always present to provide support in Turkey. These engineers not only handle machine maintenance and inspections but also provide necessary training to the XCMG Turkey team and dealers on new products and parts. Consequently, XCMG customers' maintenance and service needs are promptly met through the extensive service network of Turkey dealers, ensuring swift intervention in case of any issues arising.

Especially with the introduction of electric forklifts and electric loaders into the market, which have garnered positive feedback from customers, significant increases in orders have been observed, indicating Turkey's readiness for electric products. Furthermore, following the demand generated in the market after the earthquake disaster, XCMG Turkey's entry into the market with new products such as concrete pumps and tower cranes in these areas has facilitated its growth.

Keen on sustaining the success achieved in the Turkish market, XCMG Turkey continues to recruit competent and successful individuals to support its expansion efforts. The focus of the team's expansion is on including team members who will provide the necessary support to XCMG dealers and customers, thereby furthering the company's growth and expansion. In this regard, it is noted that XCMG Turkey has initiated a new internal restructuring to better serve the sector.

Under the expansion policy adopted by XCMG Turkey, new team members specializing in Finance, Logistics, Human Resources, and Marketing have joined the XCMG Turkey family. These teams implement more advanced and sustainable systems in their respective areas, keeping pace with the constantly evolving and changing technology by utilizing remote monitoring and cloud systems to ensure fast and effective communication with XCMG's Headquarters in China. By minimizing potential delays and issues in machine procurement in this manner, the XCMG Turkey team, with the addition of expert engineers to the After-Sales Services team, promptly addresses customer needs. Promotional efforts for innovative products introduced to the customer for the first time in the Turkish market have been one of the main focuses of the XCMG Turkey Advertising and Marketing team.

With the contribution of dealers, the teams aim to promote the XCMG brand and quality across Turkey through impressive PR campaigns. With the participation of over 20 foreign team members actively involved in the XCMG Turkey team, speaking five different languages, it is foreseeable that the successes achieved by the team in 2023 will continue to grow in the coming years with new team members and applications.

XCMG Turkey's goal is to introduce innovative products to the Turkish market and bring new technologies to interested parties. In this regard, we strive to progress while maintaining a balance between competitive pricing and reliable quality. Consequently, it is possible to say that XCMG products have become sought after in the market. With our growing team and increasing brand recognition in the market and customers' minds, we will continue to seize opportunities in the industry and introduce the highest quality products to the market.


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