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XCMG WorldWide :XCMG North America Introduction

XCMG WorldWide :XCMG North America Introduction
XCMG News | Apr 16, 2024
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XCMG North America Sales Company, one of XCMG Group's sales subsidiaries in North America, is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The company has established several self-operated branches across the United States, including Houston, Reading, and Atlanta. Moreover, XCMG North America Sales Company has developed dozens of dealers as the closed partner throughout the United States, with more than 100 operating locations, effectively supporting XCMG's development in the American market.

Guided by the philosophy of “Headquarters sets overall strategy, regional teams execute main operations, product lines take primary development. ” the company upholds the values of “Taking Great Responsibilities, Acting With Great Morals, Making Great Achievements”, and the Mission of “To explore engineering technology and provide solutions for global construction and sustainable development”, strived to provide the best equipment and solutions to North American customers. Now, the company's business includes excavators, loaders, cranes, rollers, aerial work platforms, mining equipment, and drilling rigs, among others.

XCMG North America Sales Company is deeply rooted in the local market and prioritizes localization efforts. Currently, the company employs a team of over a hundred local professionals. Our experienced sales and after-sales service teams, each with over a decade of construction equipment industry experience, are dedicated to promptly addressing customer needs and providing comprehensive technical support and service guarantees. We strive to assist customers in overcoming construction challenges, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and achieving mutual success.

Through continuous innovation and development, XCMG North America Sales Company has established a strong brand influence in the North American region, steadily increasing sales revenue and market rate share, and earning the trust and praise of customers. Orient in our high-quality market resources, under the strategic guidance of our chairman Yang, we are driving the advancement of management and technology, contributing to XCMG's integrated management model in global export regions under the XCMG international strategy.

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