Backfill Compactor
Operating weight: 36500 Front axle weight: 18000 Rear axle weight: 18500

XH365 landfill compactor is a kind of heavy duty compactor with large unit linear load. It’s mainly used to level and compact the filling solids in the refuse landfills, in order to reduces the the installation and prolonging the occupation area of refuse landfills.In addition, it can also be used for the shoveling and compaction of large foundation filling projects, including road foundations, hydraulic engineering dams, and airports.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Operating weight - 36500
Front axle weight - 18000
Rear axle weight - 18500
Front drum diameter x width 1660×1200
Rear drum diameter x width 1660×1245
Width - 3800
Height - 2000
Maximum lift above ground - 1000
Maximum digging depth - 150
Gear I speed - 0~5
Gear II speed - 0~12
Theoretical gradeability - 100
Minimum turning radius - 6700
Model - X12
Type - In-line six-cylinder water-cooled type
- turbocharger High pressure common rail
Rated power - 277@2100
Maximum single unit power - 336@1800
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