Cutting and Mixing Rig
Trench width (mm): 700-1000 Maximum trench depth (m): 40 Maximum torque (kN·m): 2×80/100

XCM40 cutting and mixing drilling rig can be used in the construction of anti-seepage walls and retaining walls in deep foundation projects such as subway stations, building foundation pits, basements of high-rise buildings, underground parking lots, underground commercial streets, reservoir dams, ports, mines, environmental protection projects, etc.
Cutter soil mixing (CSM) is a non-borrow soil mixing wall-forming method. The double-wheel cutter cuts into the soil, and when the cutter wheel crushes the soil, the pump conveys high-pressure cement slurry and air to the cutter through the guide rod. Then the cement slurry and air are fully stirred with loose soils to form anti-seepage walls, retaining walls or improve the formation, which is a new technology for efficient construction.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Trench width mm 700-1000
Maximum trench depth m 40
Maximum torque kN·m 2×80/100
Rotary speed r/min 0-25
Trench length mm 2800
Maximum hoisting force kN 1000
Engine - Cummins QSX15
Engine power kW 447
Emission standard - Euro III
Operating weight t 165
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