Diaphragm Wall Hydraulic Grab
Trench width (mm): 800-1500 Maximum trench depth (m): 80 Maximum lifting force (kN): 2×350

XG700FS is a new generation grab special for hard formation, deep and thick trench construction in domestic and foreign underground diaphragm wall projects. It adopts XCMG mature crawler chassis, advanced hydraulic control main valve and double winches with single-layer rope to become a large tonnage underground diaphragm wall hydraulic grab with high working efficiency, strong working ability and good reliability.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Trench width mm 800-1500
Maximum trench depth m 80
Maximum lifting force kN 2×350
Grab closing force kN 2000
Trench length mm 2800
Engine - VOLVO-TAD1352VE
Engine power kW 315
Emission standard - EU III
Main machine weight t 98
Grab weight t 26-36
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