Double Drum Vibratory Roller
Operating weight(kg): 13000 Maximum operating weight(kg): \ Front axle weight(kg): 6500

XD135T vibratory roller meets the requirements of high-end customers and special working conditions in the North American market, is suitable for compaction operation of bitumen paving, and can compact paving of different materials and thicknesses. It is especially suitable for pavement compaction operation of large-scale projects such as roads, parking yards, airports, etc.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Operating weight kg 13000
Maximum operating weight kg \
Front axle weight kg 6500
Rear axle weight kg 6500
Static linear load N/cm 318/318
Operating speed km/h 0~12
Gradeability % \
Minimum turning radius outer 4830/6830
Minimum ground clearance mm 360
Wheel base mm 3690
Steering angle° - ±35º
Oscillation angle° - ±8°
Vibration frequency Hz 42/63
Nominal amplitude mm 0.80/0.26
Excitation force kN 120/88
Drum diameter mm 1360
Drum width mm 2000
Model - \
Emission - \
Rated power kW \
Rated speed r/min \
Fuel tank L \
Urea tank L \
Water tank L \
Front axle weight kg \
Theoretical gradeability % 35
Wheel base mm \
Braking distance m ≤4.36
Charge pressure, drive system MPa 2.4
Peak pressure, drive system MPa 38
Peak pressure, vibration system MPa 32
Peak pressure, steering system MPa 17.5
Model - F3.8(Stage V)
Rated power kW 115
Rated speed r/min 2200
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