Operating weight(Kg): 17400/18500 Minimum turning radius(mm): 4200/4600 Ground pressure(Kpa): 56.4/28.4;25.2

D170LGP(export type) bulldozer is bulldozer with hydraulic transmission and electric control shift developed by XCMG for overseas market. This project inherits XCMG's excellent product quality, and its performance is stable and reliable. It is mainly applicable to excavating, backfilling, earthwork pushing and other operations for road, railway, airport, river and other grounds and it is an indispensable construction machinery for construction of national defense projects, urban buildings, water conservancy projects, etc. This equipment adopts intelligent control, limit load, hydraulic pilot control of shovel blade, electric control shift, construction data management and other advanced technologies. It is a construction equipment with advanced technologies, high working efficiencies, convenient and flexible operations and high reliabilities.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Operating weight Kg 17400/18500
Minimum turning radius mm 4200/4600
Ground pressure Kpa 56.4/28.4;25.2
Overall dimensions mm 5580×3455×3300/5660×4150×3300
Model Kw/rpm WD10G178E25/WD10G178E25
Rated power/Rated speed (kW/rpm 131;1850
Forward gear 1 km/h 3.6
Forward gear 2 km/h 6.3
Forward gear 3 km/h 10.2
Reverse gear 1 km/h 4.7
Reverse gear 2 km/h 8.2
Reverse gear 3 km/h 13
Ground clearance mm 400
Track center distance mm 1880/2300
Crawler width mm 510/950;1100
Ground contact length of crawler mm 2635/2935
Number of track shoes mm 39/42
Chain pitch mm 203.2
Number of track rollers one side 7
Number of carrier rollers one side 2
Fuel tank L 350
Hydraulic oil tank L 110
Blade type - Straight blade
Blade width mm 3455/4150
Blade height mm 1149/960
Blade capacity 4.5/3.8
Blade lifting height above the ground mm 1095/1010
Blade depth mm 540/485
Ripper type - Single-tooth;Three-tooth (optional)/—
Working depth mm 475/—
Ripper lifting height above the ground mm 570/—
Max.traction force KN \
Forward km/h \
Reverse km/h \
Track gauge mm \
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