Operating weight(Kg): 39100 Minimum turning radius(mm): 3800 Ground pressure(Kpa): 97

The D360 Dozer utilizes hydraulic drive and electronically controlledgear shifting,providing optimum quality and top performance likeother XCMG machines.

It is primarily used for excavating,backfilling,pushing and transport-ing earth and rocks on highways,railroads,airports,rivers,and othersimilar jobs.This machine is indispensable for national defense proj-ects,urban construction,and water conservancy construction.This construction equipment utilizes cutting-edge technologies,including intelligent control,limit load,hydraulic blade control,elec-tronically controlled shift,and construction data management.Itoffers high efficiency,flexibility,and convenience,along with excep-tional reliability.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Operating weight Kg 39100
Minimum turning radius mm 3800
Ground pressure Kpa 97
Overall dimensions mm 9090×4130×3700
Model Kw/rpm NTA855
Rated power/Rated speed (kW/rpm 345/2000
Forward gear 1 km/h 3.6
Forward gear 2 km/h 6.8
Forward gear 3 km/h 12.3
Reverse gear 1 km/h 4.3
Reverse gear 2 km/h 8
Reverse gear 3 km/h 13
Ground clearance mm 472
Track center distance mm 2140
Crawler width mm 560/610/660/710
Ground contact length of crawler mm 3150
Number of track shoes mm 41
Chain pitch mm 228.6
Number of track rollers one side 7
Number of carrier rollers one side 2
Fuel tank L 680
Hydraulic oil tank L 139
Blade type - Half U blade
Blade width mm 4130
Blade height mm 1710
Blade capacity 9
Blade lifting height above the ground mm 1405
Blade depth mm 560
Ripper type - single-tooth/three-tooth(option)
Working depth mm 1250/842
Ripper lifting height above the ground mm 1200/883
Max.traction force KN \
Forward km/h \
Reverse km/h \
Track gauge mm \
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