Face Drill rig
Rock drill brand & model: RNP RN-0038 Impact power (kW): 18 Coverage area (width×height)(mm): 7600×6900

XUD135C full-computer drill jumbo is mainly suitable for the tunneling operations of metal mines (such as underground gold mines, iron ores, and copper mines), non-metal mines (such as gypsum mines and phosphorite), hydropower projects, small tunnels, inclined shafts, culverts, etc. It can be used for the construction of blast holes and anchor bolt holes. 

The drill boom is made of cold-drawing formed square tubes, with high precision and good reliability. It is equipped with two spiral swing cylinders with large rotation angles, and has smooth movement, a wide range of movement and flexible postures. 

It has the functions of stepless anti-jamming, anti-idle-drilling, automatic retreat and one-button forced drill rod pulling, which effectively improves the drilling efficiency and reduces the loss of drilling tools. 

The whole machine is equipped with CAN bus based fully electronic control system, which has the functions of drill jumbo positioning, drill boom analytical positioning control, hole layout design and site adjustment, rock drilling data storage and transmission, etc. It can realize manual/semi-automatic and fully automatic drilling functions.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Rock drill brand & model - RNP RN-0038
Impact power kW 18
Coverage area width×height 7600×6900
Min. drilling height m 3.5
Installed power kW 88
Power of engine kW 66
Emission standard - CN IV
Cable length m 80
Total weight t 14.5
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