Face Drill rig
Rock drill brand & model: Montabert HC109 Impact power (kW): 18.8 Coverage area (width×height)(mm): 9052×6775

XUD235 is mainly suitable for the tunneling operations of metal mines (such as underground gold mines, iron ores, and copper mines), non-metal mines (such as gypsum mines and phosphorite), hydropower projects, medium-sized tunnels, inclined shafts, culverts, etc. It can be used for the construction of blast holes and anchor bolt holes;
It has the functions of anti-jamming, anti-idle-drilling, automatic retreat and one-button forced drill rod pulling, which effectively improves the drilling efficiency;
It is equipped with protection and alarm functions such as grounding protection, phase sequence protection, high hydraulic oil temperature, return oil filter clogging, motor overload indication and motor thermistor protection; it adopts a braided wiring harness and has good flame retardant performance;
The cab ceiling meets FOPS certification standards; An automatic fire extinguishing system meeting AS 5062 is optional.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Rock drill brand & model - Montabert HC109
Impact power kW 18.8
Coverage area width×height 9052×6775
Min. drilling height m 3.5
Installed power kW 125
Power of engine kW 74
Emission standard - EU Ⅲ
Cable length m 140
Total weight t 22
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