Lattice Boom Crawler Crane
Boom working condition max. rated lifting capacity(t): 12000 Max. load moment(t.m): / Max.boom length(m): /

XGC12000 is a comprehensive application model developed based on xUGong crawler crane second-generation product platform, suitable for transportation infrastructure construction (subway, high-speed rail, road, bridge and culvert, trestle);  Urban construction (municipal, plant, building, stadium);  Bulk lifting and transshipment (port, wharf, shipyard, steel mill);  Installation of power equipment (wind power, thermal power);  Energy equipment installation (petroleum, chemical, coal, refining) lifting and auxiliary installation.  This product has a key hold-up, mast cranes mast since dismantling crawler, super weight tray more efficient and fast functions such as separation.

  • Parameters
  • Cases
Item Unit Parameter
Boom working condition max. rated lifting capacity t 12000
Max. load moment t.m /
Max.boom length m /
Boom length m 42-150
Light boom length - 84-114
Fixed jib length m /
Tower jib length - /
Max. dimension of single unit in transport state:L×W×H m 13.4×3.4×2.86
Hoist winch max. single line speed m/min /
Engine model - /
Rated power kw /
Total vehicle mass Main hook block, 19m boom /
Max. mass of single unit in transport state t /
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