Lattice Boom Crawler Crane
Boom working condition max. rated lifting capacity(t): 260 Max. load moment(t.m): 1450 Max.boom length(m): /

XLC260 is suitable for transportation infrastructure construction (subway, high-speed rail, roads, bridges and culverts), urban building construction (municipal, factory, building, venue), large lifting and transshipment (ports, docks, shipyards, steel mills), energy equipment installation (petroleum, chemical, coal, refining) hoisting and auxiliary installation requirements.

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Item Unit Parameter
Boom working condition max. rated lifting capacity t 260
Max. load moment t.m 1450
Max.boom length m /
Boom length m 24-93
Light boom length - 67.5-100.5
Fixed jib length m /
Tower jib length - 24-65
Max. dimension of single unit in transport state:L×W×H m 13.2×3.0×3.2
Hoist winch max. single line speed m/min /
Engine model - weichai
Rated power kw 247
Total vehicle mass Main hook block, 19m boom 239
Max. mass of single unit in transport state t 43.2
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