Light Compaction Equipment
Operating weight(kg): 2850 Maximum operating weight(kg): 3450 Front axle weight(kg): 1350

XD120S is suitable for compaction of soil and as-phalt pavement in narrow areas such as sidewalks,parking lots and residential roads,it can also beused for compacting thin stable soil layering,whichis an ideal compaction equipment for asphalt sur-face laminating in municipal maintenance andhigh-speed pipe maintenance.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Operating weight kg 2850
Maximum operating weight kg 3450
Front axle weight kg 1350
Rear axle weight kg 1500
Static linear load N/cm 110/122
Working speed km/h \
Gradeability % 30
Minimum turning radius outer 3700
Minimum ground clearance mm 275
Wheel base mm 1773
Steering angle° - ±32
Oscillation angle° - ±8
Vibration frequency Hz 63/67
Nominal amplitude mm 0.5
Excitation force high/low frequency 36/41
Drum diameter mm 720
Drum width mm 1200
Model - D1703
Emission - EU Stage IIIA
Rated Power kW 25.6
Rated speed r/min 2600
Fuel tank L 35
Urea box L \
Water tank L 165+45
Operating speed km/h 0-10
Drive speed km/h \
Vibration frequency Hz \
Amplitude mm \
Driving mode - \
Electrical system V \
Brand and type - \
Power/Speed kW/rpm \
Fuel tank L \
Hydraulic oil tank L \
Water tank L \
Overall Dimensions mm \
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