Milling Machine
Milling width(mm): 2000 Milling depth(mm): 0-330 Space between tools(mm): 18

XM2005K milling machine is a kind of asphalt concrete pave-ment maintenance machinery,which is mainly,used forlarge-scale excavation and renovation of asphalt concretepavements of highways,urban roads,airports,freight yards,parking lots,etc.It can efficiently remove road congestion,waves,mesh patterns,ruts,etc.;excavate the pavement pitsand trenches;roughen the cement pavement and mill the sur-face faulting.The milling machine has high working efficiency,simple construction process,easy control of miling depth,convenient and flexible operation and good maneuverabilityto directly recycle the materials from milling,and can bewidely used in asphalt pavement repair,renovation and main-tenance construction.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Milling width mm 2000
Milling depth mm 0-330
Space between tools mm 18
Quantity of tools / 146
Rotor diameter including tool mm 1020
Manufacturer / Cummins
Model / X15
Cooling mode / Water-cooling
Number of cylinders / 6
Rated power kW/rpm 447/2100
Displacement L 15
Full-load fuel consumption L/h 109
Comprehensive fuel consumption L/h 45
Emission standard EU Stage 3a/CN Stage 3
Voltage V 24
Fuel tank L 1200
Hydraulic oil tank L 150
Water tank L 3300
Working speed m/min 0-100
Traveling speed km/h 0-6
Theoretic gradeability % 60
Ground clearance mm 330
Specification Front mm 1720x300×620
Specification Rear mm 1720×300×620
Width of discharging belt mm 850
Width of aggregate belt mm 850
Theoretic conveying capacity m³/h 375
Weight in transportation state kg 28500
Weight in work state kg 30500
Swinging angle of conveying belt ° /
Conveying height mm /
Transportation dimension of main unit L×W×H /
No-load mass kg /
working mass kg /
Dimension of front track mm /
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