XE2000 (Loading Shovel)

Mining Excavator
XE2000 (Loading Shovel)
Operation Weight(kg): 192000 Bucket Capacity(m³): 5.1-6.13 Output Power(kW/rpm): 810/1800
XE2000 (Loading Shovel)

XE2000 Hydraulic Excavator is equipped with  Special engine suitable for mine use and thus has greater power reserve and longer service life. A new intelligent electronic control system, a highly energy-efficient power monitoring mode, an automatic control system for hydraulic oil cooling and a fully-upgraded electronic monitoring system ensure that the whole machine keeps operating in its best condition. A modular design is adopted for the whole vehicle, the disassembly and transport processes of the whole vehicle are fully considered, and all the connecting positions are designed for easy, reliable connection, ensuring easy assembly, transport and transfer. With a larger bucket and greater arm digging force, XE2000 performs better in complex working conditions of mines.

XE2000 (Loading Shovel)
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Item Unit Parameter
Operation Weight kg 192000
Bucket Capacity 5.1-6.13
Output Power kW/rpm 810/1800
Overall dimensions mm 13465×7155×7980
Travel speed km/h 2.7/1.9
Rotating speed r/min 4.7
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