XE5600 (Backhoe)

Mining Excavator
XE5600 (Backhoe)
Operation Weight(kg): 569700 Bucket Capacity(m³): 5.1-6.20 Output Power(kW/rpm): 2x1119/1800
XE5600 (Backhoe)

XCMG's latest ultra-large mining hydraulic excavator XE5600 is equipped with two imported high-power diesel engines, with the largest bucket capacity of the same ton, up to 35m³, strong power and efficient operation; It adopts an oversized, full-view, dual-seat, double pressurized cab with a sealed lower compartment to make driving more comfortable and safer; Equipped with up to 650L of ultra-large capacity grease barrel and a new fully automatic lubrication system as standard, it can extend maintenance time and reduce maintenance frequency; It adopts a new dual-power intelligent control system, automatic water and oil cooling system, intelligent position system, and the 5G driving kit can be expanded, which has excellent intelligence, safety, energy saving and other advantages.

XE5600 (Backhoe)
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Item Unit Parameter
Operation Weight kg 569700
Bucket Capacity 5.1-6.20
Output Power kW/rpm 2x1119/1800
Overall dimensions mm 22110×10300×9155
Travel speed km/h 2.3/1.6
Rotating speed r/min 3.2
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