Motor Grader
Engine model(/): WP10G336E341 Rated power/speed(kW/rpm): 247/2200 Machine dimension(standard)(mm): 11096X3270X3850

As major machine for shaping and leveling operation in earthwork engineering, motor grader is widely used for large grading (such as road and airport) operation. With the constant expansion of its functions and development of its high-efficiency over the years, motor grader is applied to bulldozing and spreading of open-pit and roadbed mixture as well trimming of original landform. The mining working conditions are hard surface, wide working plane, the conventional motor grader is in light weight, the pressure under the blade is small, and the front wheel is floating during working. In addition, the blade is short and requires several back and forth to finish the road leveling; The serious working condition also puts forward higher requirements for the safety and comfort and intelligence of the machine. The function of the construction grader is no longer suitable for this condition.The power of GR3005T Pro is 331HP, the whole machine structural parts strength is high, strong power is specially designed for open pit mine, heavy load bulldozing and original landform finishing and other high load conditions.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Engine model / WP10G336E341
Rated power/speed kW/rpm 247/2200
Machine dimension standard 11096X3270X3850
Machine weight standard 28500
Tire specification / 20.5R25
Ground clearance Front axle 625
Wheel track mm 2700
Axle distance between front and rear mm 7877
Minimum ground clearance, front axle mm /
Wheel base between middle and rear mm 1886
Drive speed, forward km/h 5、8、11、19、23、40
Drive speed, reverse km/h 5、11、23
Traction force f=0.75 kN ≥140
Maximum gradeability % ≥30
Tire inflation pressure kPa 475
Hydraulic system type / 25
Work system pressure MPa /
Transmission box pressure Mpa /
Maximum steering angle, front wheel ° ±48
Allowable tilt angle, front wheel ° ±17
Maximum oscillation, front axle ° ±15
Maximum oscillation, balance box ° front 15、 back 15
Maximum steering angle, frame ° ±23
Minimum turning radius m 9
Maximum lift above ground mm 420
Maximum cutting depth mm 838
Sideshift distance left/right mm /
Maximum tilt angle ° 90
Cutting angle ° 45
Swivel angle ° 360
Length x Height mm 4572x686
Coolant L 50
Fuel tank L 460
Engine L 24
Transmusswon box L 38
Balance box L 90
Drive axle L 82
Hydraulic oil L 130
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