Basic paving width(mm): 2500~5000 Max. paving width(Options)(mm): 6500~8000 Max. pave thickness(mm): 400

RP803 paver is a versatile medium-sized paving con- struction equipment. The machine is powered by Cum- mins engine with 142kW rated power; reinforced hydrau- lic extending screed provides stable work quality and high evenness. This machine applies the cutting-edge technologies, such as the new microcomputer control, ultrasonic material level sensing, electronic automatic leveling and fault self-diagnosis, to ensure the reliable and stable operation. The equipment is suitable for paving asphalt, cement stabilized soil and other materi- als, meeting the requirements of urban road mainte- nance, high-grade highway base and surface paving and other working conditions.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Basic paving width mm 2500~5000
Max. paving width(Options) mm 6500~8000
Max. pave thickness mm 400
Max. paving speed m/min 20
Max. drive speed km/h 3
Maximum theoretical productivity t/h 800
Max. gradeability % 20
Manufacturer - Cummins
Model - QSB6.7
Emission - EC Stage Ⅲ
Fuel - Diesel
Rated power kW 142
Rated speed rpm 2000
Grounding length mm 3175
Track width mm 300
Hopper capacity t 14
Scraper numbers - 2
Scraper speed(maximum) m/min 27
Speed(maximum) rpm 90
Diameter mm 420
Battery voltage V 24
Tractor weight t 16.7
Operating weight t 20.5
Total weight t 22.8
Sound pressure level LPA at the operator ears dB(A 86
Emitted sound level dB(A 105
Main configuration - 1. Cummins EC Stage Ⅲ engine with 142kW; 2. E500A four support hydraulic extending screed(electric heating, single tamper); 3. Standard intelligent control system; 4. MOBA leveling instrument/material level instrument; 5. Automatic centralized lubrication;
Options - 1. E500A bolt-on extension: 4×0.75m, maximum paving width 8m. 2. E500A bolt-on extension: 2×0.75m, maximum paving width 6.5m. 3. Diesel spraying device. 4. Eccentric vibration; 5. Change to E600T hydraulic extending screed, basic width 3-5.85m;) 6. E600T extension: 2×0.9m+2×0.25m, maximum paving width 8.15m.
Theoretical productivity t/h /
Hopper capacity t /
Gradeability % /
Flatness standard deviation /
Cross slope error % /
Arch adjustment range % /
Diesel engine model / /
Rated power of diesel engine kW /
Rated speed of diesel engine r/min /
Distributing speed r/min /
Conveying speed m/min /
Vibrating speed r/min /
Vibrating amplitude mm /
Vibration frequency Hz /
Overall weight t /
Transportation outline dimensions mm /
Diesel tank capacity L /
Hydraulic oil tank capacity L /
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