Pneumatic Roller
Operating weight(kg): 13100 Maximum operating weight(kg): 16000 Water quality(kg): 650

XP163 pneumatic tire roller is an indispensable equipmentfor the construction of high grade highway,large-scalefoundation rolling and all kinds of filling and compaction.Its unique kneading and compaction performance makesit irreplaceable by other machine models.XP163 is aself-propelled static roller,with efficient compaction abili-ty and excellent compaction performance,applies tocompaction asphalt pavement,base layer,sub-base layerand filling.It is widely used in compaction operations forall kinds of traffic roads,airports,ports,dams and otherlarge engineering,especially for high grade highway pave-ment.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Operating weight kg 13100
Maximum operating weight kg 16000
Water quality kg 650
Ballast weight kg 2900
Working speed F/R 0~4.5;0~8.7;0~18.4/0~4.5;0~8.7
Gradeability % 30
Minimum turning radius outer 7253
Minimum ground clearance mm 300
Wheel base mm 3700
Wheel track mm 450
Steering angle° - ±35
Oscillation angle° - NA
Oscillation of front wheel mm ±50
Braking distance mm ≤5900
Drum width mm 2055
Overlapping quantity mm 30
Ground pressure kpa 150~300
Model - SC4H115.4G2B
Emission - China II
Rated power kW 86
Rated speed r/min 1800
Spec. - 9.00-20-12PR
Air pressure kPa 600~650
Fuel tank L 124
Urea tank L \
Water tank L \
Maximum operating weight wet sand + ballast block \
Operating weight with roof, without ballast \
Operating weight with water ballast \
Operating weight with dry sand ballast \
Operating weight with wet sand ballast \
Operating weight with water + ballast block \
Operating weight with dry sand + ballast block \
Type - \
Ply rating - \
Drive method - \
Service brake - \
Parking brake - \
Steering system - \
Steering control - \
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