Roadheader for mining
Cutting height (mm): 4700/5200 Cutting width (mm): 5700/6100 Cutter motor power (kW): 200/110

EBZ200M-2H driving and bolting machine is a driving equipment integrating cutting, bolting, walking, conveying and spraying dust suppression, and is mainly used for coal roadway, semi-coal rock roadway, rock roadway and other coal mine roadway construction. It can work with shuttle truck and belt conveyor via the second conveyor or others to realize continuous operation of tunneling, conveying and bolting.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Cutting height mm 4700/5200
Cutting width mm 5700/6100
Cutter motor power kW 200/110
Shovel width mm 3600/3200/4200
Traveling speed m/min 8
Voltage V AC 1140
Gradeability ° ±18
Weight t 72
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