Rotary Drilling Rig
Max. drilling diameter (mm): 3500/4000 Max. drilling depth (m): 150/94 Rated out torque (kN·m) : 1000

It is suitable for high-rise buildings, highways, Bridges across rivers and seas, offshore wind power and other large pile foundation projects. Under the loading conditions of super large hole, super deep pile and super hard rock, the rock drilling ability is strong and the construction efficiency is high. The disassembly, assembly and transportation of the whole machine is convenient.The high-power engine can realize real-time optimal power matching to be high efficient. The rotary drive has high torque and strong rock drilling ability.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Max. drilling diameter mm 3500/4000
Max. drilling depth m 150/94
Rated out torque kN·m 1000
Rotation speed r/min 5~20
Main winch Max.lifting force kN 950
Max.winch speed m/min 60
Crowd cylinder Max.crowd force kN /
Crowd cylinder Max.lifting force kN /
Crowd winch Max.crowd force kN 500
Crowd winch Max.lifting force kN 650
Engine - QSK23
Power kW 708
Emission standard - CN III
Working weight t 280
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