Rotary Drilling Rig
Max. drilling diameter (mm): 1500 Max. drilling depth (m): 44/56 Rated out torque (kN·m) : 160

It is suitable for civil engineering, municipal engineering and other fields, with high construction efficiency in soil and sand layer. Flexible venue transfer.  Meeting cylinder pressure, lifting pressure, CFA and other multi-function configuration. The hydraulic system adopts negative flow technology to make the best match between the main pump and the engine, and achieve low fuel consumption and high efficiency.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Max. drilling diameter mm 1500
Max. drilling depth m 44/56
Rated out torque kN·m 160
Rotation speed r/min 5-35
Main winch Max.lifting force kN 160
Max.winch speed m/min 80
Crowd cylinder Max.crowd force kN 160
Crowd cylinder Max.lifting force kN 160
Crowd winch Max.crowd force kN 160
Crowd winch Max.lifting force kN 180
Engine - B6.7
Power kW 173
Emission standard - EU V
Working weight t 53
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