Rotary Drilling Rig
Max. drilling diameter (mm): 2800/3000 Max. drilling depth (m): 69/106 Rated out torque (kN·m) : 430

It is suitable for medium-sized pile foundation projects such as housing building, bridges, and municipal construction. The site transfer is flexible. The rotary drive has multiple gears, resulting in high overall construction efficiency. The new generation of cab features sound insulation and noise reduction, and has a wide field of view and a more comfortable operating environment.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Max. drilling diameter mm 2800/3000
Max. drilling depth m 69/106
Rated out torque kN·m 430
Rotation speed r/min 6~27
Main winch Max.lifting force kN 400
Max.winch speed m/min 80
Crowd cylinder Max.crowd force kN 360
Crowd cylinder Max.lifting force kN 400
Crowd winch Max.crowd force kN 400
Crowd winch Max.lifting force kN 400
Engine - X15
Power kW 399
Emission standard - EU V
Working weight t 136
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