Shuangqiao Rigid Mine
Rated Power(kW): 895 Rated Payload(kg): 150000 2:1 Body Capacity(m³): 80

XDE130 products use XCMG ’s patented AC variable frequency traction system, which has functions such as electronic differential speed, steering adaptation and adhesion control, which improves the vehicle's traction ability and slow-moving ability, and has a higher operating efficiency. It is equipped with a ROPS / FOPS cab and a whole-car imaging system A number of safety devices, such as automatic fire extinguishing systems, improve the safety of the entire vehicle; the design and manufacturing meet Australian standards, meet the requirements of + 50 ℃ high temperature conditions, and the overall performance of the machine has reached the international leading level. At present, it has formed volume sales and successfully sold to the highest-end Australian market in the world.

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Item Unit Parameter
Rated Power kW 895
Rated Payload kg 150000
2:1 Body Capacity 80
Emission Standard - /
Max.vehcile speed - 50
Min.turning diamerter - 23
Max.gradeability - 20
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