Shuangqiao Rigid Mine
Rated Power(kW): 1865 Rated Payload(kg): 230000 2:1 Body Capacity(m³): 148

XDE260 is the 220-ton AC driven dump truck for the Global high-end mining market. The vehicle has high reliability, safety and maintainability, and can meet the requirements of continuous operation at 46 °C.With Ge Electric drive system, MTU engine, The performance is stable ;With large load-bearing components strong, stiffness and fatigue failure analysis technology, improve the reliability of the frame and body;With tailgate protection, main power lock technology, can effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents. Equipped with weighing system, centralized fire extinguishing system, centralized lubrication system, 360 panoramic image system, blind area monitoring, collision warning system and other safety equipments, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the whole vehicle.

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Item Unit Parameter
Rated Power kW 1865
Rated Payload kg 230000
2:1 Body Capacity 148
Emission Standard - /
Max.vehcile speed - 64.5(GE electric drive)
Min.turning diamerter - 28.4
Max.gradeability - 17
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