Single Drum Vibratory Roller
Operating weight(kg): 10400 Maximum operating weight(kg): 11000 Front axle weight(kg): 5400

XS113E is self-propelled, single drum, full hydraulicdual drive vibratory roller designed specially for southeast Asia market. Featuring high excitation force, high compaction efficiency and good compaction quality,it is widely used in compactionwork on base layer, sub-base layer and rock fill forforestry roads,railways, highways,airports, ports,dams and industrial construction sites.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Operating weight kg 10400
Maximum operating weight kg 11000
Front axle weight kg 5400
Rear axle weight kg 5000
Static linear load N/cm 284.4
Working speed F/R 0~7.5/0~10
Gradeability % 40
Minimum turning radius outer 6800
Minimum ground clearance mn 412
Wheel base mn 3010
Steering angle° - ±30
Oscillation angle° - ±10
Vibration frequency Hz 32
Nominal amplitude mn 1.8/0.9
Excitation force kN 240/120
Drum diameter mm 1513
Drum width mm 2130
Mode - 4BTA3.9-C125
Emission - China stage l
Rated power kW 93
Rated speed r/min 2200
Spec. - 23.1-26-12G23TL
Ply rating - 12
Air pressure kPa 150-170
Fuel tank L 200
Urea tank L NA
Operating speed % \
Theoretical gradeability mm \
Braking distance Hz \
Nominal amplitude kN \
Exciting force High/low frequency \
Charge pressure,drive system MPa \
Relief pressure of drive system MPa \
Relief pressure of vibration system MPa \
Relief pressure of steering system MPa \
Model - \
Type - \
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