Single Drum Vibratory Roller
Operating weight(kg): 13000 Maximum operating weight(kg): 13400 Front axle weight(kg): 8300

XS135/XS135PD is a heavy-type, self-propelled, full hydraulic double drive single drum vibratory roller which is special designed for European market. This product fulfills the requirements of the European Stage V emission standards. Featuring large exciting force, high compaction efficiency and good compaction quality, it is widely used in compaction work on base layer, sub-base layer and rock fill for roads, railways, airports, harbors, dams and industrial construction sites.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Operating weight kg 13000
Maximum operating weight kg 13400
Front axle weight kg 8300
Rear axle weight kg 4700
Static linear load N/cm 382
Working speed F/R 0~11.0
Gradeability % 58
Minimum turning radius outer 5896
Minimum ground clearance mn 417
Wheel base mn 3060
Steering angle° - ±35
Oscillation angle° - ±10
Vibration frequency Hz 30/35
Nominal amplitude mn 1.9/1.0
Excitation force kN 265/192
Drum diameter mm 1533
Drum width mm 2130
Mode - F3.8
Emission - EU Stage V
Rated power kW 115
Rated speed r/min 2200
Spec. - 23.1-26-12G23TL
Ply rating - 12
Air pressure kPa 200
Fuel tank L 260
Urea tank L 33
Operating speed % \
Theoretical gradeability mm \
Braking distance Hz \
Nominal amplitude kN \
Exciting force High/low frequency \
Charge pressure,drive system MPa \
Relief pressure of drive system MPa \
Relief pressure of vibration system MPa \
Relief pressure of steering system MPa \
Model - \
Type - \
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