Stabilizer Cold Recycler
Milling width(mm): 2300 Miling depth(mm): 500 Space between tools(mm): 30

XLZ2305S is a kind of multi-functional road maintenance equipment mainly for upgrading work of old asphalt pavement. It is also suitable for mixing filler, cement, lime, etc. with natural soil to improve the mechanical and physical properties of the soil, and can also be used for milling damaged asphalt or asphalt concrete pavements with a thickness of not more than 200mm.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Milling width mm 2300
Miling depth mm 500
Space between tools mm 30
Quantity of tools Piece 200
Diameter of milling wheel mm 1380
Manufacturer / Cummins
Cooling mode / Water-cooled
Model / QSM15
Number of cylinders / 6
Rated power kW 563
Engine speed rpm 2100
Fuel consumption: Full load kg/h 70
Working speed km/h 0-2.2
Traveling speed km/h 0-20
Theoretical gradeability(working gear) % ≥50
Ground clearance mm 350
Front axle load kg 16100
Rear axle load kg 10400
Shipping weight kg 26500
Working weight kg /
Diesel tank L 930
Hydraulic oil tank L 270
Water tank L 200
Electric system V 24
Machine(LxWxH) mm 9330×3140×3500
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