Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane
Max. rated lifting capacity(t): 80 Base boom length(m): 12.2-47 Max. length boom(m): /

XGTC80 telescopic crawler crane is widely used in steel structure workshop, highway and bridge construction, ultra-high voltage tower and assembled buildings and other infrastructure construction, as well as oil, auxiliary rotary excavation construction and other complex operating environment.  XGTC80 is rich in security configuration, with virtual wall, gauge intelligent detection technology, intelligent products, high safety limit conditions.  Standard crawler beam, balance heavy self-disassembly, the main engine does not remove the crawler beam transport, transport height < 3.5m, the only industry. 

  • Parameters
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Item Unit Parameter
Max. rated lifting capacity t 80
Base boom length m 12.2-47
Max. length boom m /
Max. length boom+Jib m 47+17.5
Total mass in travel state t 81.7
Max. travel speed with no load t 55.7
Overall length mm /
Overall width extension/retraction /
Total mass in travel state kg /
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