Trench Cutter
Trench width (mm): 1000-2000 Maximum trench depth (m): 105 (Special 150) Maximum torque (kN·m): 2×180

XTC series trench cutter is mainly used in the construction of underground diaphragm wall, especially for rock stratum. The main application fields include the construction of cutoff walls, retaining walls and bearing walls in underground deep foundation projects such as subway stations, building foundation pits, bridge anchorages, water conservancy and hydropower.
The trench cutter uses dedicated host machine which is highly integrated, with large construction parameters, strong construction capacity, high efficiency and low labor intensity.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Trench width mm 1000-2000
Maximum trench depth m 105 (Special 150)
Maximum torque kN·m 2×180
Rotary speed r/min 0-27
Trench length mm 2800
Maximum hoisting force kN 1200
Engine - CAT C18 + L9
Engine power kW 571 + 272
Emission standard - EU III / EU V / CN IV
Operating weight t 205
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