Underground Loader
Bucket capacity (m³): 1.0 Operating weight(kg): 6300 Rated power(kW): 66.2

XCMG&'s characteristic super-strong heavy-duty structural parts meet the operation needs under severe environment.The computer-aided design and the fatigue rupture verification are applied comprehensively for the structural parts to ensure high firmness and reliability.The water treatment device is equipped to effectively filter the smoke and soot contained in the exhaust gas and guarantee the air quality of underground operation environment.With three-level adjustable function, the cab shelter can be adjusted vertically based on the underground condition to adapt to diversified operation needs.The optional high-efficiency working devices, including enlarged bucket, extended boom, and side- dumping device, can be equipped to meet the needs of diversified working conditions.

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Item Unit Parameter
Bucket capacity (m³) - 1.0
Operating weight(kg) - 6300
Rated power(kW) - 66.2
Rated load(kg) - 2000
Wheelbase(mm) - 2300
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm) - 5950*1960*2550
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