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Create a Future of Inclusion, Diversity, and Respect

Create a Future of Inclusion, Diversity, and Respect
XCMG News | May 05, 2023
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XCMG believes that inclusiveness is essential to the development of our society. Accepting differences and caring for them with love is the solution we are building for everyone. A more humane and prejudice-free future is the responsibility of our company.

On March 25, XCMG participated in the first Down Syndrome Awareness Week in Itajubá, organized by the T21 Arena Park Futsal Down. The event included lectures and activities related to the disease and a soccer match of children with T21 between teams from Itajubá and Pouso Alegre.

The Futsal Down initiative began in September 2021, when Eduardo Hide Sato created the project after seeing his son, who had T21 and a passion for football. The project took off in the region and now has almost 1,300 followers on social media after receiving support from Arena Park, a football school run by teacher Ferdinando Moreira.

The purpose of the initiative goes far beyond promoting the sport. It serves as a symbol of inclusion for people with T21 and a reminder to society of their value and abilities.

It was with great enthusiasm that Gu Chong, XCMG Cultural Director in Brazil, attended the match with the administrative and international business teams. The fans, mostly the athletes' families, were always euphoric when they saw the athletes on the field.

XCMG presented a gift to each athlete at the end of the game. The Netizens at the game praised the support and stressed the importance of a company like ours sponsoring social projects like Futsal Down.

XCMG has been committed to the public welfare concept of "Help with love" for a long time, practicing the unremitting pursuit of "making the world a better place." While achieving high-quality development, XCMG has not forgotten its original intention and actively participated in public welfare undertakings with practical actions that profoundly interpret corporate social responsibility!We are solid to committed to making our world a better place. One of our goals is to produce quality projects for different segments and to carry out activities with social impact.

The success of our brand also means creating a future of inclusion, diversity, and respect. If you also want to build a better home, we will always support your success. So don't hesitate to join our action to fill the world with love and hope!