Milling Machine
Milling width(mm): 500 Milling depth(mm): 180 Space between tools(mm): 15

XM505 pavement milling machine is a maintenance and construc-tion machine for asphalt pavement,and it is mainly used for mu-nicipal highway maintenance and can be used as an auxiliary ma-chine for large milling machine construction.Its functions arelisted as follows:small area excavation and renovation of asphaltconcrete pavement such as highways,urban roads,airports,freight yards and parking lots;Removal of upheavals,oil waves,reticulated lines,ruts,etc;Roughening of cement pavement andmilling of staggered surface;edge milling and planing along thewell cover.If a hydraulic pick is selected,it can realize the functionof pavement breaking;The rumble wheel can be optionally in-stalled for roadside rumble strip milling and planing.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Milling width mm 500
Milling depth mm 180
Space between tools mm 15
Quantity of tools / 54
Rotor diameter including tool mm 670
Manufacturer / SDEC
Model / SC4H-C125
Cooling mode / Water-cooled
Number of cylinders / 4
Rated power kW/rpm 92/2200
Displacement L 4.3
Full-load fuel consumption L/h 23.8
Comprehensive fuel consumption L/h 9.5
Emission standard EU Stage 3a/CN Stage 3
Voltage V 24
Fuel tank L 160
Hydraulic oil tank L 70
Water tank L 320
Working speed m/min 0-36
Traveling speed km/h 0-7.6
Theoretic gradeability % ≥66
Ground clearance mm 190
Specification Front mm 559×178
Specification Rear mm 559×254
Width of discharging belt mm /
Width of aggregate belt mm /
Theoretic conveying capacity m³/h /
Weight in transportation state kg /
Weight in work state kg /
Swinging angle of conveying belt ° /
Conveying height mm /
Transportation dimension of main unit L×W×H /
No-load mass kg /
working mass kg /
Dimension of front track mm /
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