Truck Mounted Crane
Drive Type: - Kerb Mass(kg): - GVW(kg): -

This machine has five telescopic arms, four double push, with stronger lifting capacity and load expansion capacity, buffer sequence extension of the cylinder, sequence extension is more reliable, more stable and smooth expansion, convenient and accurate operation; Quick disassembly type counterweight mechanism, the removal can reduce the turning space, the addition can improve the stability of the vehicle, improve the lifting performance; Maximum 45t balance weight with the rotary table, self-loading and self-unloading, simple and fast; Three large torque reducer, strong rotation power, good braking effect, to ensure more stable rotation, safer operation; Vehicle lightweight design, light weight, not over limit, in full compliance with regulatory requirements; Short body, small turning radius, is conducive to small space movement; Low height, free access to all kinds of workshops.

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Item Unit Parameter
Drive Type - -
Kerb Mass kg -
GVW kg -
Max. Speed km/h -
Min. Turning Diameter m -
Grade Ability - -
Fuel Tank L -
Dimension mm 13744*4000(L*H)
Wheelbase mm -
Min. Clearance mm -
Approach Angle - -
Departure Angle - -
Cabin Model - -
Left/Right Driving - -
AC - -
Person Allowed in - -
Engine Model - WP12.460E62
Emission Standard - National Ⅵ
Displacement L -
Output Power KW -
Max Torque Speed N·m -
Transmission Model - -
PTO - 12jsdx220TA-B/QHG70
Front Axle Model - -
Rear Axle Model - -
Main Reducer Ratio - -
Rim - -
Tire - -
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