Truck Mounted Crane
Drive Type: 6X4/3 Kerb Mass(kg): - GVW(kg): 16260

1、Polygon large arc ultra-high strength steel boom structure, synchronous telescopic boom, Stronger lifting capacity and expansion speed is fast. Higher reliability.

2、 Turntable high seat control, four-position control, a variety of control forms to meet the needs of different customers.

3、Automatic hook retracting device can save the preparation time. Ensure that the customer's vehicle can enter the driving state in the shortest time, and prevent the lifting device damage caused by the swing of the hook, and improve the driving safety.

4、Overwinding protection device. Overwinding alarm device will alarm in time to remind the operator to stop continuing to collect the hook and prevent the wire rope breakage caused by personal and property safety.

5、Double pump confluence can improve the speed of the winch and improve the working efficiency

6、Standard working light; The high seat control is equipped with a remote flame-out device, which avoids frequent hoisting and unloading, making the operation safer and more efficient.

7、Standard L-HM(CY) XCMG wide temperature hydraulic oil, can be used in winter and summer.

8、Changing seals to fluorine seals in order to adapt the high tempreature resistance. To avoid the leakage situation.

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Item Unit Parameter
Drive Type - 6X4/3
Kerb Mass kg -
GVW kg 16260
Max. Speed km/h 90
Min. Turning Diameter m -
Grade Ability - -
Fuel Tank L -
Dimension mm 10950*2500*3850
Wheelbase mm 5225+1350
Min. Clearance mm -
Approach Angle - 16
Departure Angle - 14
Cabin Model - -
Left/Right Driving - -
AC - -
Person Allowed in - 2
Engine Model - MC11.40-50
Emission Standard - Euro V
Displacement L
Output Power KW 294
Max Torque Speed N·m -
Transmission Model - -
PTO - -
Front Axle Model -
Rear Axle Model - -
Main Reducer Ratio - -
Rim - -
Tire - -
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