Asphalt Synchronous
Max.working width(m): 4 Asphalt spraying quantity(kg/m²): 0.2~3.0 Gravel quantity(L/m²): 3~22

XTF1003 asphalt chip synchronous sealer can realize the synchronous spraying of asphalt and chips to improveand enhance the sealing quality of pavement;it workswell with rubber asphalt,matrix asphalt,modifiedasphalt,emulsified asphalt,and other kinds of asphalt.It is suitable for the construction of highway surface,sub-seal coat of bridge deck and upper seal coat,wear-ing coarse construction of new and old pavement,pavingof asphalt top layer,respective asphalt,and chip spray-ing under special circumstances; it can be used for theinterlayer treatment and medium-term maintenance con-struction of high-grade highway,as well as the construction of rural roads with small traffic volume.

  • Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Max.working width m 4
Asphalt spraying quantity kg/m² 0.2~3.0
Gravel quantity L/m² 3~22
Distributing accuracy % ±1.5
Asphalt tank capacity 6
Gravel silo volume 10
Chip grain size mm 3~25
Operating speed km/h 3~10
Chassis kW/(r/min SINOTRUCK ZZ1257N4047W
Engine model - WD615.69 (China Ⅱ)
Engine power - 247/2200
Driving mode km/h 6x4
Max. driving speed - 80
Curb weight kg 19000
Diesel tank capacity L 400
Total weight kg 25000
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