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Forging the New Quality Productive Forces: XCMG Launches Premium G2 Crane Brand

Forging the New Quality Productive Forces: XCMG Launches Premium G2 Crane Brand
XCMG News | Apr 16, 2024
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Leveraging 61 years of crane development experience and success of serving over 300,000 users, XCMG has officially unveiled the premium G2 crane brand on April 8, taking lead in the era of developing the New Quality Productive Forces with the goal of creating greater values for the users and pioneering innovation.

The technical platform of G2 has introduced the innovative “5-G” superior value system: G-ECO for efficient whole-cycle energy conservation, G-ICON for all-scenario intelligent control, G-Master for precise control under all working conditions, G-Comfort for enjoyable operation, and G-Safe to guarantee full life cycle safety and quality.

The platform integrates the whole process of product application, maintenance, operation, and management, including 21 core technologies and 31 spare parts. It has tackled 30 bottleneck problems such as the smooth telescoping of loaded lifting arm and intelligent cooperative control of the hydraulic system and engine, as well as innovated 11 original technologies – loaded telescoping, intelligent electronically controlled steering and more that are of leading in the industry.

The G2 platform was conceived to break the boundaries of Industry-wide, full cycle value chains, owning the industrial big data arithmetic system with the capacity of 700TB, 100,000 vehicles for 15 years; a monitoring center covering more than 2,000 items of research, production, supply, sales, application, and service; an end-to-end exclusive digital intelligent service platform for premium customers that integrates upstream supply chain, downstream channels of the G2 full-cycle quality control mechanism, as well as interaction system across the whole industry chain.

“The release of the high-end G2 brand is of great significance, both for the enterprise and the industry, and it’s favorable to the construction machinery and the crane industry sector to subvert the low-level competition and build a new ecology of high-quality development,” said Su Zimeng, president of China Construction Machinery Industry Association.

The G2 series products are delivering outstanding performances and results for the end users:

Reducing overall fuel consumption by over 20 percent;

Increasing operational efficiency and ability to cover the full range of working conditions by 20 percent;

Improving the micro-movement and smoothness by 30 percent;

Increasing the cabin space by 10 percent and boost the field of view by 15 percent;

Saves 20 percent of time and energy in terms of maintenance and improves reliability by 20 percent.

Over the past decade, XCMG has supported more than 1,000 professional customers globally in a wide range of hoisting projects, who also catalyzed the design of the G2 crane brand. One of XCMG’s customers in Australia purchased five units of all-terrain cranes and provided more than 200 suggestions of improvement over the course of three years, and XCMG has realized all in the product delivered to the client in May 2023, which has been operating in the CITIC Pacific iron mining area known for the high intensity and extra duty.

With the G2 platform, XCMG aims to structure a green and circular system for the crane industry and achieve win-win for all stakeholders through not only innovations of R&D but also the business model.

XCMG will work hand in hand with global industrial partners and customers to lead industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation, to jointly equip a better future with leading engineering technologies and build a world-class advanced manufacturing cluster that is high-end, intelligent, green, service-oriented, and international, making solid contributions to the high-quality development and growth of the real economy, and creating greater values for our customers,” said Yang Dongsheng, CEO and chairman of XCMG.